1. To me, the line “the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible”, has a significant meaning that dreamers of the day, are the ones who act upon their dreams, and make them a reality. Normal dreams occur and take place with closed eyes, and peaceful sleep. The dreamers of the day are the ones who are awake, and make their dreams possible with open eyes, meaning if something bad happens in their ‘dream’, they cant just open their eyes and all will be okay. This quote gives the idea that there are two types of people in the world; the ones who dream at night, and the ones who dream during the day, the ones who actually turn their dreams into a reality. 

2.The opening pages of the book give an initial impression of Joe Simpson as a down to earth kind of guy, with a passion for the mountains. Through the pages in the book we can clearly understand Joes appreciation and connection to the outdoors. The text also gives the idea of just how much Joe knows about the land around him; the steep ridged mountain faces, the rock peaks and the crisp atmosphere. As readers we can immediately understand Joe is no rookie. Joe is also portrayed in this to be loyal, and a good friend. When describing Simon at the start of the book, it shows the relationship between these two men and the depth in their friendship, as Joe says ” I was glad that we had chosen to come here as a two-man team. ” There were few other people I could have coped with for so long”. These quotes don’t only show the bond between Simon and Joe, but may also for-shadow what is to come. Later in the book we understand that times become tense between the two friends. These quotations from the start of the book may for-shadow the fact that Joe will not always think so highly of Simon, and his words to describe him might not always be so kind and friendly. 

4. Joe describes Richard as a out of the ordinary kind of character. Richard is known as a ” tag along”. “Simon and I had found Richard resting in a sleazy hotel in Lima, half way through his six-month exploration of South America”. This quote firstly refers to how the three characters met, and where there journeys have lead them. It also states Richard is a free spirited kind of guy. Joe explains all the journeys and explorations Richard has done, making him out to be a care free, go with the flow spirit 

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