27th February 2018

Chapter 2- tempting fate

Relationship between Joe and Simon- In chapter two, Joe and Simon are inter-dependant on each other as they climb a vigorous part of the mountain. Through the setting of the chapter, and the seriousness of where they are, as readers we can understand the dependance they have on one another. Their story is about survival, and in order to survive, there comes a fragment of reliability and trust that must be given. ” I watched Simons progress, now agonisingly slow and hunched up, my hair bristling at the thought of a cornice collapse.” I followed him as fast as I could. He too had realised the danger”. This quote explains the scenario, and the instability of there situation. Which gives us the idea that these two men are in this together, therefore must incorporate a significant amount of trust and loyalty in their relationship.

The environment Joe and Simon are in is intense and dangerous. They must be smart with every move they make. Every decision must be thought out, and the tiniest mistake, or slip, could be potentially life threatening. Because of this, the two men must be smart.Through the chapter, challenges had been presented to them, for example, the quotation; ” I had no screws. I had forgotten to take them from Simon and had used my only screw down at the bottom.” I did not know what to do, 120 feet up very steep ice.” This quote shows one of the challenges Joe faced while climbing, but through perseverance he managed to find himself a way out of the struggle. Perseverance is one of the key quality the men must have had while climbing, there was obvious tough times that they could have given up on. This describes the kind of personalities these two characters have. 


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