12th March 2018

Chapter 4- On the edge

The language technique of foreshadowing is used through out this chapter, to create tension in the text when need be. My first example of foreshadowing is when Joe wakes up in the snow cave after a brutal night, and looks out to see the view of the high mountain peaks starring back at him.” I looked through the round hole window at the East Face and felt myself smiling.” I knew it would be a good day”. This quote, for some, may hint the idea that Joes day was looking good, and maybe he will get lucky with the outcomes; but this quote to me means the opposite. From Joes suggestion that it will be a good day, it foreshadows something different, that his day will not be filled with the same feeling of happiness and relaxation he is feeling in this moment. The technique of foreshadowing has given us the idea that something unexpected is yet to come, that Joes day will be anything but good or breezy. A second example of foreshadowing is the title of the Chapter ‘ on the edge’. At the start of the chapter, this title was seen to me as a pun, a figure of speech. To be on the edge, is more of a feeling than a physical positioning. Feeling on the edge is representing the emotion of defeat or deflation. As we read through the chapter, this idea always comes to mind. There are many scenes and moments where Joe and Simon are portrayed to be ” On the edge” not in a literal state, but emotional. In the last pages of the chapter, the reader realises that the title of the chapter is not only a pun, but a foreshadowing technique, used to hint the idea of whats to come. In the end of the chapter, Joe takes a fall, and manages to find him self, literally on the edge of the ridge. ” I lifted my head and glanced sideways over my shoulder.” I was on the very edge of the ridge, exactly at the point of the curve” This quote instantly connects us to the chapter title, as we understand the technique of foreshadowing, and start to make connections of our own, opening up our minds to the book, and to the characters experiences. 

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