28th February 2018

Chapter 3- Storm at the summit

1. The technical jargon used in this text all relates to mountaineering. This jargon hasn’t been explained in the text because, the author has a target audience. When writing the book, the author would have set out the exact audience they were aiming to grab their attention from ( gender, age, interests etc.). In this case, people who new enough information about the extent of mountains and the words related to it. This target audience lets the author be able to use technical jargon in the text without having to explain the meaning behind the words, the readers are expected to know what it means. As an author, the expectation would be that if you were to read this book, you must have an interest in the relative events and a bit of knowledge about the main idea the story is based around. 




Definition-  A route when climbing or descending, going mainly side ways. 

Why its important- This vocabulary is important in this part of the text because it describes a type of movement that the two characters do when going up the mountain. It helps create the image of how they are moving and the direction they are going in, helping paint the picture in our mind. 



definition- short for ” bivouac shelter”, improvised shelter usually of a temporary nature. 

Why its used- Bivi was used to show the location of the text. It may also give us the idea of how the characters had to improvise a lot when trying to survive. 

Frost bitten- 

Definition- frost bite occurs when exposed to low temperatures causes freezing of skin and other tissue. 

Why its used- This was used to show the seriousness of the situation. It could also be used to show temperature and the climate of the setting.  


Definition- a point on a surface that is higher in elevation than all points immediately adjacent to it.

Why its used- This technical jargon could be used to show the setting of the text, and the for-shadowing of upcoming events, as they look up towards the summit, indicating its something they will eventually climb 


Definition-  A item used when climbing. It requires the use of ropes to provide safety. It secures a person to a rope or an anchor point. 

Why its used- This word was used to show one of the main resources the characters had as safety. Its an important piece of equipment that is used a lot in the text, as it is the only way to climb up the mountain 

Reaching the Summit of Siula grande- Joe Simpson quote, pg 53 

The lines from this text are included because it shows the thoughts and feelings of Joe Simpson as he reached the summit Siula Grande. They reveal a deeper, more intriguing side of the character. Through the chapter, we were able to realise Joe expects high things from himself, and is ashamed of the idea to be afraid of something. This quote adds on to the knowledge of Joes thoughts as it shows how he feels a sense of disappointment, or fear. He was unsettled at the thought of what this feeling of reaching the top makes him feel. Joe states he didn’t know if this love for reaching new heights were purely for pleasure, or egotism. Joes thoughts are surprisingly mixed when he reaches the top of the mountain. A usual responce when achieving something this big, would be relief, excitement or a sense of proudness, but this was not the case for Joe Simpson. His thoughts were more jumbled. This shows that joe is a layered man. There is more to him than his love for climbing, and hard working nature. Joes mind is a spiralling ladder of questions, and doubts. The passage listed on pg 53 brings back the idea of ” the dangerous men who sleep during the day” that T.E Lawrence refers too at the start of the text. This is because during the quote on pg 53, joe wonders if hes loosing control, if he is leading towards a frightening conclusion. the feeling of achievement when reaching the top, makes you want to achieve more, to reach new heights and try somthing more dangerous. This idea is the affect of the dreamers of the day, the ones who do the extrodanery stuff during the day, making it a reality, and pushing themselves to new limits. 

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