I would firstly like to start off by saying if anyone feels uncomfortable during any part of my speech you are welcome to leave the room as it may be triggering to some people. “Do not fight fire with fire”. A simple statement, yet a powerful message. One that correlates with the immensely controversial topic […]

Text A: The solider question 1. This quote explains the imagery of a field that spreads far across the foreign land, with long grass and scarce amount of trees. The corner of the field is described as “forever England”, this could show that a soldier of England could have died here, therefore making the specific […]

It is Autumn. Deciduous trees create a thick maze of woodland as their sprawling limbs guard the darkness. The interwoven trail amongst the staunch sapling soldiers becomes a bed for the tears cried by the now naked branches. A dense canopy of utter blackness hangs overhead, making the never ending maze seem diminutive. As the […]

Colourful gelato fills the stone cold freezer as the shops gates are finally open. Bundles of joyous people fill the inclosed space and the shops atmosphere becomes something of an erratic nonsense. I stand polite and inviting, capturing the eyes of delighted little children as their gaze falls upon the heavenly treats lying before them. […]

idea-  The power of an influence. Your circle of influence dictates your life. 7 words, that sum up a dynamic aspect of our society’s contentment. The power of the influences that surround a humans existence, shapes and formats your well being, whether you realise it or not. The text “ The Blind Side”, written by […]

Describe at least one important technique used in the written text: explain how this technique helped you to understand one or more key ideas. INTRODUCTION- “….The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” Joe and Simon, are dreamers of the day. Their […]

Techniques Symbolism: Mountains, rope, voice  Narrative voice/ narrative perspective / point of narration : Joe Simpson and Simon Yates  Figurative language: Simile, metaphor, personification, Hyperbole  Imagery: the combination of descriptive language and techniques for certain effects  Conflict: (tension filled moments) created through word choice and syntax  Syntax: (sentence structures) Different types have different effects.  Climax/ […]

Introduction- ” We realise the importance of our voices, only when we are silenced”. A meaningful quote from someone, who’s voice was once silenced. Today I will be talking to you about Malala Yousafazi, a leading activist for children’s rights, and the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner. From this speech, I hope to inform […]

Symbolism in literature is where an object, person or situation has an additional meaning to its literal meaning. The symbolism of light and “the voice” in Chapter 9 is used to show Joe’s changing circumstances and his reaction to them. Use pages 132-133, 135 and 139-40 to explain what light symbolises in Joe’s situation. How […]

Choose TWO of the following passages from Chapter 8 and describe the MOOD and TONE in each passage. Also, explain how this MOOD and TONE was created. I.e. Reference any word choice, language techniques used, or sentence structure chosen. “This place was ageless and lifeless. A mass of snow, and ice, and rock slowly moving upwards; freezing, thawing, […]